Name: Glitch Age: 13 (Shippuden: 15) Village:(Transferred) Village Hidden In The Leaves Rank: Chunin Birthday: May 4 Height: 151.2 cm Weight: 38.5 Blood type : B- Personality: Sarcastic,Easily Annoyed Hobbies: Gaming 24/7 Specialty (Justsu/Wepons): Game Over: A genjutsu move where the victims body parts will seemingly shut down, leaving the victim vaulerable to attack in reality. Theme Song: Cure For An Itch by: Linkin Park Quote: "Technology is a sufficient way of experiencencing life without really experiencing it..." Crush/Love: Currently Uninterested in "real" love... History/Bio: Her past in unknown in Konoha's records. She entered the village hidden in the leaves along with her other mysterious teammates and sensei.She is very uninterested in reality and usually only fights when provoked or bribed. She dislikes losing and being lectured about video game health. Favorite Color: Green And Black (obviously) Nicknamed: Black Shamrock (for her preference of colored clothing apparel and etc.)